I Can't Believe It's Not Metal

by Yoshi Gish

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Recorded By Identity Recording in Spring Hill


released November 28, 2009

Rich Wise - Engineer
Yoshi Gish - Guitar/Vox
Bryan Garcia - Drums
Joe Plunkett- Bass
*Allie Henderson - Guest Vocals on "Come Inside"



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Yoshi Gish Florida

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Track Name: Come Inside*
Why is it my fault for your
feeling down again and
skinning both of your knees
why should i feel so insecure
when you were down there
crying begging please
Track Name: Superglue
Oh no, Did you fall and break
all by yourself, or did he push you off the shelf?
don't worry don't cry
pieces can be mended
these cracks can be blended
Track Name: Terra Part
i've told you everything
there's no need to hide
the grass is always greener
on the other side
settle for nothing less
earn everything you own
i know i'm not the best
i know i'm not alone
Track Name: Thank You, For Not Jump!ng
Gravity Seems to Disagree
with everything
you've seen on TV
but if you look close
you can see they're using ropes
they're not as brave as they
seem on the green screen
Track Name: Why Like You?
I fell in love with a girl
she looked just like you
even though you're far away
i see you everyday
i'm stuck in the wrong place
i just wanna see your face
i'd do anything for you
but she looks just like you
Track Name: Zip-Kicker
Give me a Minute
i will admit it
because i've never told you the truth
so many reasons
for these deceptions
this is the moment i will tell you now.